Opal Street Dance Improvisation Theater, Lareta

Lareta – Judges’ Choice June 2014

Featured on The World Dances! 

The dancers are Adele Thurston and Bianca Brzezinski. Bianca Brzezinski is the artistic director, and Adele Thurston is the co-artistic director.  Opal Street Dance Improvisation Theater was founded in 2010 in San Francisco, CA.  We have currently finished our first feature film, 'Abandon.'  Abandon is about two women whose time and space realities have transformed into an eternal, ephemeral state, a connection with the spirit of nature. Discoveries were made of the space in between, where we can abandon all inhibitions and play, using our imaginations -- linking us directly to the source of our powerful, creative ways.  Our shorter films are series featuring the Freedom Series, the Tree of Life Series, and Light Series.  In essence, they are all reminders of our connection to each other and the earth. You can find more information and videos at www.opalstreet.org.
Opal Street is a translation of vibration, a psychosomatic exploration of our immediate environment and emotional state.  Through the use of imagination and free association, we encourage movement to be deliberate while simultaneously allowing the present moment to dictate choice and creation. What grew out of a need to express the internal rhythm in response to our environment became a focus on creative concentration and expression in and of the moment.   Opal Street DIT is interested in reminding people of their innate emotional intelligence. Our main goal through improvisation is to investigate spontaneity, play and intention by listening and staying present. 
Being adventurers of the great outdoors and life itself, celebrating and coloring our experiences through dance, we convey a sense of freedom and liberation to create with our immediate surroundings in every moment. The opportunities afforded by expansive landscapes and inspirational greens allow maximum opportunity for silence and reflection of our consciousness. The hustle and bustle of urban living allow for consideration of a slower pace. The stories are a timeless collection of dancing our way through life.
We want to remind people of their pure potential, imagination and their transformative power when looked at through the lens of movement and adventure throughout the world. There is no standardized way to measure the full capacity of a person’s being until we can create an open and more compassionate world view, where people are allowed to express who they truly are.
We hope that our videos will expand the way dance and film express our unlimited potential found through imaginative play. By journeying to exotic lands of the imagination and the world, we hope that people’s internal worlds will expand to think about their own freedom of movement and in what ways they can express themselves more fully using the body. By witnessing our vulnerability, awareness and attention to the moment, the audience can be inspired to transform their lives to pursue their own adventures!

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